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Zoom - Public and Private Classes

Zoom sessions have been made more readily available as the pandemic has made it impossible to conduct some on site seminars. Some international students can only attend at this time via online content. Enrolled students have access to Zoom any standard class and other individual classes or tutoring can be arranged with the instructors. Even Shodo lessons are available online. Certain fees apply.

Currently there are students using Zoom in several U.S. cities, Canada, Poland and New Zealand.

NOTE: It is not currently possible to rank in an art without physical contact. Knowledge should always be the goal, not the color of a belt.

Zoom is a wonderful supplement for when you cannot attend classes regularly but is not a replacement for physical training with an instructor and peers. To progress in the arts you must train with humans, hands on and an instructor. Kyu requirements include physical contact for Tuite, Kyusho and Atemi at the very least.

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What's it take to be a ZOOM Learner?

For starters, you need to tell us what your goals are and know that realistically, there is only so much that can be learned in this way. What are your goals? What is your previous knowledge base in the arts? What can you add to your knowledge with ZOOM? Setting realistic goals is important.

Solo Training

Supplemental Kobudo

If you want to add a weapons kata or drill, this is very much something that can be done on Zoom. Longer weapons such as Bo can be difficult as they really must be done outdoors (on our end) do to ceiling limitations. That also means that the camera is farther away making it more difficult to learn. Paired drills and thus understanding of weapon lockups are impossible without a partner.

Supplemental Kata & Exercises

If you want to add a kata or exercise/renshu, this is very much possible with solo training. The 2d environment can add to the confusion if the kata or drill have a lot of turns, however we have 3 camera views available during Zoom sessions.

Partner Training

Supplemental Kyusho/Tuite/Atemi

Partner Training is more likely to provide a set of students with the results they are typically looking for. As an example, two students in Poland agreed to attend Zoom classes together, specifically requesting Kyusho or "Vital to Completion' techniques.  These students were able to listen to instruction in Zoom and then perform the techniques on each other with the instructor watching and coaching via Zoom.

Without a partner, Kyusho, Tuite, and Atemi are nearly impossible to learn as you cannot evaluate each other and get a physical sense of what you are learning.  The more partners you train with, the more of an understanding of theses sub-specialties you will obtain as each human has their own set of tolerances. 

Regular Class Zoom Schedule

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OPEN CLASS Zoom Sessions are all Central Standard Time - USA

We do participate in Daylight Savings

Wednesday: 7-9pm - Regular Class

Saturday: 9-10am - Private Lessons
                10am-Noon - Regular Class

Typically there will be a ZOOM on posted in the Facebook Page

If Lee is Out of Town as shown on the Dojo-Calendar there will be no Zoom session.

Zoom Request

If you are interested in trying Zoom coursework, please fill at the form to the right and be detailed in the Message box as to what you wish to accomplish. Specifically let us know if you are looking at Solo Zoom classes or Partnered classes where 2 or more people will be attending the classes.

If specific Solo or Partner Goals are desired please list above.

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