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OyataTe International

A Life Protection Association of practitioners dedicated to continuing the legacy of their instructor;

Taika Seiyu Oyata


OyataTe is a Life Protection Arts Association that descended from the teachings of Taika Seiyu Oyata. Taika did not refer to his art as a 'Martial Art' as he believed what he taught was not about war, but saving the lives of yourself, family and friends. The group has descended from the original Kansas City Shihan Dai that trained at Taika's home dojo. The Shihan Dai was established many years prior to Taika's death while training directly with him, and our chief goal has been to continue the teachings and research that Taika dedicated his life to. We stay true to the teachings and philosophies of Taika Seiyu Oyata, continuing to carry the torch as he gave it to us.

We continue down the path he led us on utilizing the principles, philosophies and other written resources in an effort to retain the knowledge he gave us as well as continue to push our understanding of his art.  In his final 10 years of teaching, during the genesis of our shihan dai with its current members, he taught us principles and philosophies so that we could continue to grow without him once he had passed away.  This was much similar to the method his original instructors used with him as they were already in their 90's when he began to train with them.  By using these tools, you are not limited in your growth.

The main goal is to train in Taika's arts, without the interference of ego and politics.  

There are typically 10 kyu ranks in the system so that instructors may keep their students organized, but individual dojo organize their curriculum as they see fit. Each dojo decides its foundational set of requirements before yudansha, though the twelve foundational kata developed by Oyata are recommended.

Studying the Oyata Scrolls - #oyatate

In keeping with Taika's philosophy that we should treat each other the same, there is no tier of yudansha. Once black belt is achieved, there are no further rankings other than simply Yudansha (black belt). The intent is to remove the ego from the training. The goal is knowledge. The sharing of knowledge in many other systems is often stifled by the politics, ego, and the quest for higher rank. The learning does not stop once yudansha is reached, there are a myriad of upper level topics to train in for an entire lifetime of learning.

Titles are additionally disposed of. We teach respect for your training partners, not their title. First names are encouraged. We believe that students and peers can be respectful without fancy titles.

The core sub arts of this system are: Kyusho Jutsu, Tuite Jutsu, Atemi Jutsu and Kobudo.

There is no emphasis on Okinawan Kenpo style Bogu as Taika separated himself from this more than a decade before his death. Though it is occasionally trained by some members still, there is no emphasis on it for anything more than fun, as Taika believed it emphasized bad habits as a true encounter would have no rules.  The gear is instead used for other drills that are much more productive.

Most public content is hosted on our youtube site as well as member only facebook sites. 

To strive to further knowledge and understanding, with suppression of the ego.

To strive to continue the art as Taika left it, and continue down the path he set us upon with the tools he left us.