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Oyata Lineage Difference

Ryukyu Hand
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Chinese Hand
Taika Seiyu Oyata had two principle instructors just after World War II while living on the island of Okinawa.  Uhugushiku Tan Mei was his Ryukyu Hand instructor and Wakinaguri Tan Mei was his Chinese Hand instructor.  Taika initially taught his Ryukyu hand arts to servicemen and much later began revealing his Chinese Hand fluidity once he immigrated to the United States. This later meshing and dissemination gave the arts that inevitably descended from Taika a much more fluid aspect than most forms of Karate that emerged from Okinawa and Japan by the many foreign servicemen stationed there for the decades after the war.  Much of the open hand instruction came from the Chinese side of the art while much of the weapons came from the Ryukyu Islands.   After a near death experience in 2000, Taika began sharing more and more of the Chinese half of the art. 
This art has roots in both the Ryukyu Island arts of Karate and the softness of the Chinese Hand.  It is much more fluid than usually expected as well as not marred by over emphasis in the sport aspect which evolved in many versions of Karate over time.
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Ryukyu & China Hand
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