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Taika Seiyu Oyata bo technique animated gif

Kobudo is weapons training.  There are 17 different weapons that Taika Seiyu Oyata trained students in over the years and approximately 58 kata and exercises.  Some are taught for historical reasons, some are taught to strengthen or emphasize open hand techniques, and some are more practical in modern day life like the short baton commonly used by police officers.

The following are the kobudo that are trained in at this school;

Bo - 6 shaku tapered staff or 5 shaku un-tapered staff.


Bokken - Wooden practice sword

Cane - Wakinaguri Tan Mei originally carried a break apart walking stick which would turn into a pair of tanbo.  This original weapon was not a shepherd's hook cane but a straight stick.  Later Taika would adapt this both the straight and shepherd's hook versions.  He considered this a practical/modern weapon as it is something you could take with you everywhere.

Chizi kun bo  - Inchyaasa kun - Roughly 6" stick originally used by fishermen for pulling nets into boats.  String slightly offset near center for attaching to middle finger.

Tactical Flashlight courses are taught both to Law Enforcement, Security and civilians based on the above simple fisherman's tool.

Eiku - also Eku - Boat oar

Fan - Traditional fan, used commonly in pairs in Ryukyuan dance with martial background.

Jo - Roughly 4 shaku staff, best measured from bottom of sternum to the ground.  

Kama - Curved blade on the end of an oblong short stick, commonly used in reaping, farming.

Manji Sai - A metal truncheon with one of the short ends up and the other down.

Manriki Gusari - A chain with weights on both ends.

Naginata - A bladed weapon typically on the end of a 6-7 shaku wooden staff.

Nunchaku - Two short sticks connected by a cord or chain.

Nunte Bo - An approximate 5-6 shaku wooden staff with a Nunte attached at the end.  A nunte is similar to a manji sai however the tangs are centered which is less noticeable in this weapon as a portion is inserted into the bo.

Sai - A metal truncheon with both of the short ends facing the same direction, towards the long end.

Sword - Oyata Iaido - Iaido is the drawing of a sword.  

Tanbo - a short stick usually measured from the tip of the middle finger to approximately 1.5 fists past the elbow.

Tonfa - A side handle baton.

1 Shaku = 11.929133858268 inches
5 Shaku = 59.645669291340006 Inches

6 Shaku = 71.574803149608 Inches

Shaku are near enough to a U.S. Foot that most people make and purchase Okinawan weapons using 'foot'.

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