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Missouri Eagles

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This is just a simple pointer page for when that random stranger stops Lee and asks to see copies of his photos, most often seems to be when they see me taking pictures of the eagles in Minor Park.

Lee Richards is just an amateur photographer who's job was temporarily suspended at the beginning of COVID-19 due to the pandemic. He got bored with Netflix after a couple of weeks and started learning about nature photography. And now, most of his free time is spent snapping photos just for fun. He is infatuated with Eagles and White Squirrels or other weird squirrels like the NKC Black Squirrels.

Other Nature
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Lee Richards

White Squirrels

He started nature photography when he became intrigued by White Squirrels at a family reunion. They are very active in 3 places in the U.S.; Bravard, NC, Olney, IL and Marionville, MO.

Black Squirrels

Right to the west of the NKC High School is a little subdivision you can frequently see black squirrels in.

MO Wild Horses

Around Eminence, MO there are several groups of wild horses that are great fun to see as well as photograph.

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