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Lateral Transfer

What is a Lateral Transfer?

A 'Lateral Transfer' is quite simply, coming in from another style.  We took this term from the Law Enforcement industry where one officer moves to a new jurisdiction and therefor switches to a new department.  They may have to learn new policies, new rules, et cetera.

Transferring from another style can be quite daunting but rest assured, we are pretty easy going here.  We are probably a little more easy going, relaxed than you are used to but if you bow, we bow.  You are free to wear your old uniform and rank belts or just hang out it shorts or sweats.   If you want every single bit of curriculum, that is fine or if you just want to augment your art with some additional kata, tuite, kyusho, kobudo....that is up to you.


IF you are not sure, what we typically do is start to step you through our curriculum starting at white belt.  This shouldn't be seen as an insult, it should just be seen as a way for you to understand the differences in our focus in this art compared to your previous art/style.  All arts are developed around one thing, the human body and the manipulation thereof, thus they have a lot of similarities and styles are really more about philosophies.  We will take you through the way we punch, stand, strike and what influences Taika Seiyu Oyata had on them, as well as his beliefs, philosophies, 

Oyata's punch, stance and strikes will most likely be a little different. 

  • We don't expect you to remove your prior training. 

  • We don't expect you to replace your prior training.

  • We hope that additional knowledge will lead to a greater understanding of the human body and its protection.

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