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OyataTe International

This is a Life Protection School that descended from the teachings of Taika Seiyu Oyata. He did not call his art a 'Martial Art' as he believed what he taught was not about war, but saving the lives of yourself, family and friends. The instructors/owners of the school trained with Taika for 24-34 years respectively, till the time of his death in 2012. We stay true to the teachings and philosophies of Taika Seiyu Oyata, continuing to carry the torch as he gave it to us.

Taika Seiyu Oyata received his initial training from two instructors; one Chinese, one Okinawan.  Thus, this is a hybrid.  Though it is commonly associated and linked to Karate, it has a much more fluid basis than most Japanese and Okinawan styles.

Age Requirements

This is an adult learning environment in that these techniques are serious and should not be taken lightly by children who's minds are not quite ready for the decisions that might need to be made during a life or death confrontation.  As such, we typically require students be at least 16 years of age. Contact us for possible exceptions.

Age requirements may be waived for the Women's Self-Defense courses.


No Strings No Contract $40 a Month Post Trial

Casual Environment

Though this is a very traditional style in the techniques and philosophies taught which date back hundreds of years, it is also a casual learning environment.  There is no pressure to compete or test. There are no testing fees other than at black belt.

No Uniforms are required.  Casual clothing; sweats, shorts, running suit, whatever allows you to move freely and feel comfortable.

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  • Oyata Te International
ALL Students
  • Wed: 7-9 PM - All
  • Sat: 10-Noon -  All
  • Wed: 11:00 AM-6:00 PM*
* Adv Classes by Appointment and Invitation to select Brown and all Black Belts
Shodo - Calligraphy
  • Wed 6-6:50 - $30 month
    or $10 for Individual Class
By Appointment Only

Note: It is anticipated that sometime between mid 2024 and end of 2025, Lee Richards will be moving to North Carolina. The current dojo will be 'passed on' and moved to another location within the KC Metro area. Lee will continue to visit probably 4 times a year due to work travel, but other instructors will take over as primary in Kansas City.

Pick a Path
  • Traditional Okinawan/Chinese Arts

  • Casual Self-Defense as Needed

  • Kobudo (Weapons) Path
    Law Enforcement/Security Training

At this school we believe you should pick your own path.  Do you want just basic self-defense?  Do you want to enhance your safety as a Police Officer?  Do you want to follow the traditional path of the ancestors and learn the full system, or just add some weapons training to the art you already study.  Pick your path.

Note: If you seek the non-traditional path, or are just looking to add techniques like tuite and kyusho, your class participation is predicated somewhat on available partners. If all other participants that day are working on traditional paths like kata, you may have to work with a bag or solo on drills until a partner is available.

Targets & Goals

If you are setting goals such as, a black belt or even 'another black belt', this may not be the right fit. Goals should be more knowledge rather than more bullets on your resume. There are no kyu (below black belt) formal tests nor celebrations. A black belt test takes place after all formal curriculum is met and the instructors agree that a test should commence. A typical student with no prior knowledge, reaches that stage at about the six year mark. A student that does not regularly practice, never reaches that mark. As this art is so much different than most other arts in the same field, even with prior skill and training, most of those students do not reach black belt in this system until at least three additional years of diligent study.  A Black Belt means you know the fundamentals and are ready to begin your true study beyond the basics.

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