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The Dojo IS open

during normal hours

The Dojo is cleaned as well as all training tools and implements (bags, weapons, handouts, et cetera) after each class.

Safety during this unique time period is our primary concern.  Safe distance training is being observed and we have two training rooms as well as an outdoor location.

Masks are provided for each class if you do not have one and want to wear them during training.  Instructors will indeed have a mask on when closing distance for explanations.

Sanitizers are available at numerous locations throughout the dojo.

Touch or No Touch - You chose to Touch or go Contact Free until the Pandemic situation and Vaccinations are established.

If you choose to participate online, we do offer Zoom sign-in for your convenience. Zoom is a 2D representation of a 3D world, so expect learning to be more difficult and slower than if actual at the facility.

IF there is a situation where someone in the dojo may have found out they attended a class when they were exposed and didn't know it at the time, that information will be relayed via IM, Facebook and emails as well as any schedule outages amended on the calendar

Alternative Training Video Locations
Alternative Reading Materials
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