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Women's Self-Defense and Other Myths

Contact us to setup a free Self-Defense Seminar at a location of your choosing.  Any size or group works.  Call or Message us for more details.  This is our free service to the community.

Below is an excerpt from a book on the topic that has a host of techniques.  The books is available for FREE in PDF form or a hard copy can be purchased in the above shop.

Women's Self Defense and Other Myths Book - #oyatate

This book is designed for the purpose of educating you on easy to remember, simple to practice self-defense techniques.  It is titled “Women’s Self-Defense and Other Myths” for two main reasons.


  • Any Gender can learn the techniques because any gender can be attacked.

  • The current state of the market for this genre is filled with myths, or just flat out lies. 


We have been teaching these for decades and it is truly a rare occasion to find out that any of the students attending a seminar in basic self-defense, ever continues their education past this initial course.  Most will not give it much thought unless they or a loved one are attacked.  Thus, the coursework has to be simple, easy to remember, instinctive and work. 


The Myths


  • Only Women Get Attacked

  • The Thumb is the Weakest Part of the Grip

  • The Groin Strike

  • Martial Artist Make Good Motivational Speakers

  • Martial Artist Know All the Stats

  • One Seminar is all You Need.

  • The Eye Pluck

  • Rapist or Other Attackers are Predictable


Only Women Get Attacked


There are many males who get attacked every day, but why don’t we hear about it?  Ego would most likely be the number one reason.  Most men, wouldn’t want their peers to know they were attacked by a woman.  It has been shown statistically that men are less likely to report an attack.  Where a woman who is attacked is more likely to be met with compassion from friends and family, men are more likely to be met with snickers.  It is a big part of our culture.  As the years go by, I’ve seen more and more men take the course.  Neither male nor female students are asked to share why they are taking the class, and most don’t offer any information.  It is difficult to prove why men don’t report attacks, but most experts in the field agree it comes down to the male ego.

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